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The Elixxir platform has announced the launch of Prelixxir, an app for members of the community to engage with and track the growth of the platform. Available for both iOS and Android, Prelixxir offers a first look at news, event notifications and releases, and the opportunity to participate in early feature testing. For iOS users, in accordance with Apple app policies, testing will be supported on a separate platform.
Blockchain-based messaging and payments platform Elixxir—created by the Godfather of Crypto, David Chaum—has moved to a public alpha. On Saturday, the Prelixxir app was quietly released on both iOS and Android, to provide access to the testing network, which is set to go live in a few months. The new app will finally let those who’ve been following the project get their hands on the app, as well as news about it, in a limited testing mode. The team hopes the alpha will show that Elixxir is user-friendly and ready for consumer adoption; it aims to get tens of thousands of people on-board, to collect feedback.
Step 4 of Elixxir BetaNet node selection is here! We have been completely blown away by the level of interest, with 870 applications submitted from 80 countries. We have reviewed the applications, and are now ready and eager for you to participate and make your voice heard in this next step of the BetaNet node selection process. All anonymized applications are now available on our new Node Forum!
David Chaum's groundbreaking full-stack blockchain platform, Elixxir, closed node applications Friday after receiving 870 submissions for its BetaNet from operators across more than 80 countries.
Modeled after the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) protocol used to standardize the early internet, Elixxir's BetaNet selection process follows six steps. The process was designed to remove the core team's influence over selection by opening applications to community feedback and review.
David Chaum, an early innovator of digital currency, tells The Block that modern blockchains are “a step backwards” from his initial vision.
He notes his graduate-school thesis, written in the 80s, pre-empted all but 1 of the key elements in Satoshi’s 2009 white paper.
Amid the renewed debate over who Bitcoin’s creator is, Chaum says he’s comfortable with Satoshi Nakamoto remaining anonymous.
Pioneering cryptographer, computer scientist, and inventor focused on preserving consumer privacy online since the 1980s. Invented mix networks, blind signatures, the first cryptocurrency with DigiCash, to enable consumer privacy across messaging and payments. Credited with developing the first concept of a blockchain through my 1979 work on “vault systems” which proposed all elements of blockchain we now see in Bitcoin except proof of work. Academic article can be found
Elixxir, led by David Chaum, the "father of online privacy," announces Elixxir's unprecedented privacy-protecting blockchain technology will be launched on a BetaNet supported by node operators on six continents. The Elixxir platform will allow users to communicate without revealing metadata related to their activities—that is, Elixxir will obscure who sends messages, when messages are sent, where they are sent from and who receives them.

The Elixxir BetaNet bounty program is intended to reward Successful Node Referrals, which are defined as:

Referring an applicant who runs a BetaNet node that meets minimum participation requirements to be specified for the Initial Term (as defined in the Beta Testing Agreement Terms & Conditions) of the BetaNet.

We explore the origins of blockchain technologies to better understand the enduring needs they address. We identify the five key elements of a blockchain, show the embodiments of these elements, and examine how these elements come together to yield important properties in selected systems. To facilitate comparing the many variations of blockchains, we also describe the four crucial roles of common blockchain participants. Our historical exploration highlights the 1979 work of David Chaum, whose vault system embodies many of the elements of blockchains
The truth is, Mr Zuckerberg is trying to “preserve Facebook’s $10-20 billion annual revenue from spying on us”, according to one cryptocurrency and fintech industry pioneer who has gone public himself on the matter.
That folks is the view of David Chaum, who is widely recognized as the inventor of digital cash (aka cryptocurrency) back in the 1980’s and has been dubbed “The Godfather” of cryptocurrency, who recently offered to assist Zuckerberg – if he was “serious about privacy.”
According to his recent open letter on privacy, Mark Zuckerberg would have us all believe that he can combine his WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram platforms with “end-to-end” encryption to create the ultimate privacy-protecting platform. Truth is, he’s trying to preserve the $10–20 billion Facebook makes annually by spying on us — while fooling those mostly young people he says are moving off newsfeed to messaging into believing that end-to-end encryption means privacy.
With step 1 of the node selection process completed, and step 2, the Node application opening Monday, it’s time to share your anonymized preferences toward the rollout of the Elixxir BetaNet! The Node Questionnaire closed on Thursday, Feb. 7, after a deadline extension to accommodate for additional responses following our Technical Node Breakdown from VP of Architecture Ben Wenger. Our internal goal for survey engagement was 500 responses, and at survey close 585 of you had participated, so a special thanks to all of you who took part.
Two weeks ago, specifications for Elixxir’s BetaNet nodes were released. The community has been quick to point out that the Elixxir node hardware requirements are different from other existing nodes. Many were understandably surprised by the requirements: a powerful GPU, multi core CPU, significant disk space, and massive bandwidth are all at odds with requirements from other well known platforms. But Elixxir is a fundamentally different platform, and it should come at no surprise that its infrastructure is fundamentally different as well.
The opening of our questionnaire marks the first of many steps toward MainNet rollout of the Elixxir platform. If you are a member of our Node Community, or have seen our Press Release, you will have read on Friday that the selection of our initial BetaNet Nodes is a 6 Step process that is “driven by the community”.
Most cryptocurrencies claiming to address Bitcoin’s flaws are constructed in a similar vein, contributing to an echo chamber of ideas that’s tough to escape. A newer—or rather, older—perspective is needed. There is likely no one more qualified in this respect than David Chaum.
As the mastermind of eCash, an anonymous electronic currency that predates Bitcoin by almost 30 years, Chaum is the forefather of the crypto movement and has studied the accompanying topics extensively.
Elixxir, the full-stack blockchain led by the godfather of online anonymity, David Chaum, is initiating BetaNet implementation with the announcement of its BetaNet node selection process. The Elixxir platform leverages fundamental breakthroughs in decentralized technology to enable performance and privacy on a global consumer scale. Proprietary mix network design and multi-computation architecture allow the Elixxir platform to satisfy the four requirements needed for mainstream blockchain adoption: speed, privacy, security, and scalability, all on a single chain.
The current definition of Proof of Stake is too broad and generic to be useful. It does not imply any information about the security or insecurity of a platform. This definition does a disservice to all parties—the users, the systems, the experts—because instead of discussions addressing the issues, we spend our time bike-shedding and making untrue assumptions about system properties.

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